F1 driver doubted Ferrari performance!

Formula 1 is the leader in racing cars evolution & innovation! Meet which driver have questioned ferrari performance and why!

7/12/2016Mario Honrubia

Ingenia - Engineering your Future

INGENIA is an engineering subject, where students develop engineering projects in order to satisfy social needs in a feasible and sustainable manner.

7/5/2016Mario Honrubia

Railway Tracks Vs Sand (10K€ + IP in prizes)

Help us to find new solutions to minimize, maintain and clean up sand covering the railways tracks. This is the ultimate challenge for creative engineers!

7/1/2016Mario Honrubia

The electric motorcycle that never falls over [video]

The C1 is a fully-enclosed electric motorcycle, with a gyroscopic stability system, that never falls over. Meet the future of transportation!

6/28/2016Mario Honrubia

8 different technologies to improve the shot blasting process

Meet the different technologies, given by the solvers, to manufacture high-pressure aluminum injection parts using shot blasting processes.

6/22/2016Mario Honrubia

Craft Manufacturing Of Carbon Fiber Tubes

UPM Racing is a student engineering project. Help them to design a new solution to manufacture epoxy carbon fiber tubes using the wet lay-up technique.

6/21/2016Mario Honrubia

Video: Meet Stephen Sikorski, 2nd winner of our SMED challenge

Stephen Sikorski, from Brooklyn, NY, is the second winner of our SMED challenge! Watch the video to learn more about him and his experience!

6/16/2016Mario Honrubia

Hackathon, build stuff, have fun

Hackathon is a brainstorming session, organized to solve problems with new perspectives. Meet Fernando, winner of many hackathons, and part of Ennomotive.

6/14/2016Mario Honrubia

Battery Thefts In Remote Telecoms Sites (7K€ in prizes)

Help us to design an innovative solution to prevent battery thefts in remote telecoms sites. Join the challenge and win 7.000 € in prizes!

6/9/2016Mario Honrubia