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In ennomotive, we challenge engineers to solve technical problems from leading companies in industries such as automotive, energy, construction, mining and many more. These engineering challenges are described and published on our website so that any engineer from home can brainstorm, submit innovative solutions and win cash prizes and recognition.

Our engineering ecosystem

Ennomotive welcome engineers that enjoy problem solving, who like to stand out from the crowd and get ready to develop new patents or start a new business.

Working on real-life challenges is a very rich exercise that helps engineers train themselves and develop their skills by designing solutions with a clear purpose.

For this purpose, at ennomotive, engineers can find challenges with problem specifications, drawings, pictures, and videos so that everyone can understand what companies are looking for.

Engineers display their talent before companies that value out-of-the-box and creative minds to submit solutions with innovative approaches. The engineers with the best solutions are invited to share their experience through case studies with real engineering cases so others can learn.

Who can participate

More than 20,000 engineers have joined our engineering platform since 2015, a figure that is rapidly growing.

Engineers at ennomotive come from different engineering disciplines, mainly mechanical, industrial, chemical, electric, electronics, and aeronautical engineering.

Ennomotive publishes the top engineering challenge winners, a solvers ranking featuring the professionals that participated and won engineering challenges with their amazing technology solutions.


  • Robotics
  • 3D Printing
  • IoT
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Drones
  • Thermal Conditioning
  • Blockchain
  • Electric Car
  • Renewable Energies
  • Automation
  • New Chemical Compounds
  • Safety
  • Water
  • Product Design


  • Product Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Systems Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • 3D printing
  • Mechatronics
  • Analytics & Modeling

Resources for members

Blog on technology and engineering

Stay updated about what other companies are doing and never stop learning by reading the engineering articles.

Sustainable agriculture-2 examples-of-drying-with-renewable-energy
Sustainable agriculture: 2 examples of drying with renewable energy

Crop drying is key for a sustainable agriculture. Its goal, the balance between preserving the environment and maintaining productivity and quality.


3D-printing engineering-with-social_impact
3D printing: engineering with social impact

In addition to improving processes and products, 3D printing can also serve to fill the technology gap in vulnerable communities and provide a social benefit.


Plastic recycling: 3 cases of circular economy
Plastic recycling: 3 cases of circular economy

3 cases of plastic recycling to understood that, in addition to preserving the environment, it is possible to generate income through the circular economy.


Publish your personal project

In the Articles section, you can also learn about the latest technologies and innovations with the projects posted by members of the Engineering ecosystemShare your own project or startup to attract potential investors, clients or collaborators.

Wheels that climb stairs for all kinds of vehicles and devices

Wheels that climb stairs. The project is an internationally patented wheel that becomes a gear capable of climbing stairs.

10/20/2020Mario HonrubiaProject

ConstructionWithoutCrane: A Revolution in the Construction Industry

ConstructionWithoutCrane is a building revolution! Today, high buildings are being built using different technologies depending on the region.

10/7/2020Mario HonrubiaProject

RoboCoffee: A Robotics Café with No Human Intervention

RoboCoffee will be the first robotics café in Chile. 100% robotics assistance, no human intervention. There will be a robotic arm protected with a dome.

9/24/2020Mario HonrubiaProject

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Recursos para miembros
Question about ’Liner system to cover material heaps’

For the challenge 'Liner system to cover material heaps' I am looking for help to calculate the impact on a rectangular liner of wind gusts of 90km/h up to 120km/h.

Response: A simplified way is to calculate the wind force: F=AxPxCd. F: force; A: projected area; P: wind pressure; Cd: coef.. (2 for flat plate). P=KxdxV^2. K: a-dimensional coefficient =0.5; d: air density=1,25Kg/m 3; V: speed in m/s. This way you can approach

Recent challenges

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Design of an efficient system to help HoReCa (Hotels, bars and caterings) an easy disposal of glass pa...

Reduction of the sediment accumulation in reservoirs
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Design of electric scooters wheels for 3D printing, improving one or more of the characteristics of co...

Reduction of the sediment accumulation in reservoirs
New Design of Self-Controlled Cocoa Fermenters

Improvement of container design, monitoring and control in the cocoa fermentation process - Bolivia

Reduction of the sediment accumulation in reservoirs
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Innovative and sustainable solutions for rural schools related to thermal comfort, energy and water su...