Connect with companies and other fellow engineers and scientists from all over the world and create an impact by solving real-life innovation challenges.


Connect with leading companies. Face real-life engineering problems and innovation challenges. Display your engineering skills. Win cash prizes and recognition.

ennomotive challenges use a 3-rounds approach to balance your efforts according to your win probability.

Take a look at the latest engineering challenges and register to participate in the one you like most.


Accept an innovation CHALLENGE

Sign up and complete your online profile to become a member of the ennomotive community.

Look for engineering challenges that match your technical skills and interests.

Read carefully the innovation challenge description and download the detailed specifications and conditions.

Submit your SOLUTION

Every innovation challenge is different, and so the required deliverables will be different too.

Read the description of the challenge carefully every time to understand the engineering problem.

However, for a 3-Round challenge, this is what you can expect for every round:

1st round: Describe your solution briefly. Be creative.

2nd round: Design your solution (as a detailed specification) to meet the evaluation criteria.

3nd round: Provide final clarifications or deliver a prototype.


If your solution is selected, you will be rewarded according to challenge rules.

Recent Engineering Challenges


Share your technology project or startup and find customers, help from other engineers or attract funding.

Your project will get visibility in front of thousands of engineers and leading companies in Europe and Latin America.

Take a look at the portfolio of technology projects and upload your engineering project related to automation and robotics, product design, energy and water, IOT, or other.

Submitting your project or startup brief takes less than 5 minutes.

In addition to the exposure you will get from the members of our community, if you have a website, you can also place a link on our site to improve your traffic.

The publication is free, ennomotive’s goal is to help you promote your technology project.

Recent Projects


Learn about the latest technologies and how they are applied to different industries such as construction, automotive, energy, or mining, among others.

Find inspiration in real success stories, take a look at what other engineers are doing, continue learning every day, and discover opportunities for engineers.

Use our forum to connect with peers and create teams to participate in the engineering challenges or share your knowledge about innovation topics.


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