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Sometimes it is not easy to find innovative solutions only with your in-house talent. Why not go out and find fresh and out-of-the box ideas? ennomotive will help you describe your challenge and our open innovation hub of +20,000 engineers and solvers will quickly submit the solutions you are looking for.

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Are you an innovative, resourceful problem solver? ennomotive’s innovation portal gives you the opportunity to display your engineering talent to solve real-life problems from leading industrial companies. Win cash prizes and earn recognition from your engineering and scientist peers and important industrial organizations. 

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Why ennomotive’s innovation portal?


ennomotive specializes in technological innovation and solves challenges related to new products and services, industrial processes and sustainability, etc. We advocate for cross-industry innovation, breaking geographical and sectoral barriers while increasing the success rate in the innovation projects.


The members of our innovation network are engineering professionals with real on-site experience: engineers that work for other companies, freelancers and companies, startups and tech centers from all over the world. The expertise of our community members is what makes ennomotive unique.


Our community of engineers develops diverse solutions, also considering the economic, business-case-like perspective. For this reason, ennomotive’s open innovation platform will help you find tangible and feasible solutions and deliver results in the short-medium term. Let open innovation become a real value for your company.


ennomotive has a proven methodology for the identification and selection of challenges, solution scouting, and piloting. We use “agile” methods with a process based on ‘sprints’ (6-weeks cycles) that balance out the innovation effort and risk for both the company and the challenge participants.


  • Vision: To democratize global technological knowledge to create a positive impact anywhere in the world through innovation.
  • Mission: To contribute to the solution of major technological challenges with the largest pool of global engineering and scientific talent.


  • A more sustainable world through technology.
  • Global knowledge sharing as a foundation for progress.
  • Equal opportunities for all, regardless of nationality, race, gender, beliefs, etc.

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Ennomotive will help you solve your technological challenges. If you have any questions about our open innovation platform, please contact us.

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