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Are you an engineer looking for opportunities? Join our technology expert networks and find opportunities to collaborate with companies that seek innovative solutions for their business. If you enjoy tech challenges, we invite you to join our innovation ecosystems.

How ennomotive can help you

When you join our ecosystems, you will check out a number of tech projects from companies and multinationals from different industries. Write a tech article or share your projects to increase your visibility in our technology expert networks. Find opportunities to work in technology projects with companies and other members of the ecosystem.

 Stay updated with the latest technology advancements

Stay updated with the latest technology advancements

  • Discover¬†the latest technologies¬†in your field of expertise and their evolution.
  • Find inspiration in successful applications of a given technology and the results.
  • Learn about the¬†maturity level¬†of a specific technology and its market penetration in a geographical region or industry.
  • Take a look at what companies are doing and¬†never stop learning new things.
 Get noticed by big corporations

Get known by innovative companies

  • Showcase your profile, your skills, and your expertise to¬†help companies find you.
  • Post¬†your research and technology projects¬†to attract the attention of companies.
  • Participate in discussions about the application of¬†technology in projects.
 Participate in innovation challenges and collaborate with other members

Solve challenges with other network experts

  • Discover¬†technology challenges¬†from big companies in your sector.
  • Participate in challenges where you can apply¬†your knowledge and expertise.
  • You may also contact other members to¬†build work teams¬†and submit complete solutions to the challenges.

Be part of our innovation ecosystems

Once you register at ennomotive, you will become part of the general ecosystem for technology innovation, where companies from different sectors publish engineering news and challenges. Moreover, you can request access to other specific innovation ecosystems where your startup may deliver value.

Inside every ecosystem, you will find the necessary tools to connect and interact with its members by participating in a challenge, publishing your technology project, having a discussion on the threads, etc.

Participate in innovation challenges

Challenges represent either a company’s technology needs in the development of innovative products and services or the improvement of company operations.

  • Through these challenges, companies identify solutions and potential partners to join forces and¬†accelerate their innovation
  • Participate in your ecosystem‚Äôs challenges and co-develop products and services with companies and organizations.
  • If you want to know everything about how a challenge works, you can¬†visit this section¬† and learn all about it.
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Join Ecosystems and receive relevant news from your sector

Stay tuned to relevant news from your sector

In every ecosystem, you will find the articles & news section where members post information of interest.

  • Learn about¬†the latest technologies¬†and how they are applied in different industries.
  • Find inspiration in¬†real success cases¬†and stay updated with what other startups are doing and their technology's level of maturity.
  • Share your innovation and technology achievements through the publication of articles.
  • Become more knowledgeable with articles by global experts from your sector.
  • Access different calls, workshops, challenges, and meetings promoted by different actors in the ecosystem.

Interact with other members on the threads

Threads allow you to have public or private discussions  with ecosystem members about a specific topic. Besides, the following actions can be done in the threads:

  • Discover technologies or market trends.
  • Kick-off collaborations with other members.
  • Seek solutions to common challenges.
  • Look for tips to improve your research.
  • And many more.
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