Open innovation ecosystems

Build your innovation hub through our software platform

Ennomotive offers a SAAS (software as a service) platform for creating, hosting and managing ecosystems.. Our platform allows you to use our community +20000 solvers together with our innovation challenge methodology. We also offer consulting and support services for the design, creation and scale-up of your ecosystems.

What is an innovation ecosystem and how it works

Open innovation ecosystems are hubs where companies, experts, startups, … meet to develop new products, services or business models. An ecosystem may be promoted by one or several organizations (sponsors) and its subject is strategic to its members.

An innovation ecosystem allows its sponsors to collaborate with experts, startups, and SMEs to identify opportunities and co-develop, prototype and validate new tech solutions. The ecosystem sponsors find synergies by joining forces, e.g. to attract the most relevant startups from your sector.

One or several companies can either sponsor and build an ecosystem or join an existing one as members. An ecosystem is built around a strategic topic for its sponsors and members. An ecosystem is a powerful tool to support strategic innovation by building and establishing long term partnerships among the sponsors and members.

Every ecosystem built on ennomotive`s platform reuses the community of our general engineering ecosystem, with over 20,000 members. Additionally, ennomotive provides services to scale up the members network according to needs

What ecosystem sponsors can do

QWhat ecosystem sponsor can do
  • Discover startups of your interest, related to the target technologies and industries of the ecosystem.
  • Connect with startups and SMEs to¬†carry out collaborative projects, co-develop prototypes, or test new technology solutions.
  • Communicate directly with other companies of your Ecosystem to establish collaborations to find solutions to common challenges.
  • Open¬†public or private discussion topics¬†to discover technologies or market trends, to learn about the maturity of a technology, to look for improvement tips, to compare experiences with other companies, etc.
  • Give visibility to your training events, creative activities, hackathons, webinars, etc. to¬†attract talent¬†and entrepreneurs.
  • Share your innovation and technology achievements.
  • Launch challenges to find companies, startups and experts that collaborate in your¬†most innovative projects¬†by submitting new solutions from other industries.
  • Organize online hackathons¬†with startups and participants from all over the world.

What members of an ecosystem can do

What members of an ecosystem can do
  • Give visibility to their products and services in our member network to¬†find potential clients¬†and attract investors.
  • Get business opportunities by learning about¬†the needs and challenges of the clients.
  • Connect with leading companies in the sector and showcase their technologies to establish partnerships.
  • Participate in challenges to¬†co-develop new products and services¬†with companies and organizations.
  • Carry out prototyping projects¬†to test their technologies and get feedback from clients and experts.
  • Technology monitoring¬†about products and services from competitors.
  • Give visibility to your technology and innovation achievements in the sector.
  • Stay updated on training events, open company activities, hackathons, webinars, etc.

What we offer

SAAS (software as a service) platform and services for creating and scaling new ecosystems:

  • We will guide you during the¬†specification of the challenge..
  • We publish your challenges to¬†find solutions or partners..
  • We carry out a startup, expert, and company¬†scouting¬†to solve your challenges.
  • We enhance the¬†visibility of your articles¬†through SEO ranking and Social Media.
  • We support your initiatives in our Social Media channels.

Examples of open innovation ecosystems

Engineering Ecosystem

Engineering Ecosystem

Innovation ecosystem where innovative companies connect with our global network of + 20,000 engineers and startups to solve engineering challenges. This ecosystem was created in 2015 and has addressed + 100 challenges from different sectors such as automotive, mining, construction, energy and others.
Social Solver

Social Solver ingenieria para un mundo mas justifyContent

Innovation hub to help vulnerable communities improve their value chains through effective and low-cost engineering solutions. This ecosystem was initiated in 2021 and is sponsored by the NGO Ayuda Action. As of today, several challenges have been solved, e.g. water and energy efficiency in agriculture and fishing.