Device Adapter Design challenge (6K€ in prizes)

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Help this innovative company and solve an adapter design challenge!

Can you design a universal adapter to connect a new device to three different piston models?

Pistons are formed by a tubular container which has a regulation cap on top that needs to be rotated and a button to be pressed.

But there are three different pistons in the market (models K, F and S) with different dimensions!!!

So … could you help us solve this challenge?

This company is looking for the best design, aiming to make a unique and simple compatible adapter for the piston models. The adapter is available in a unique standard measure and has to be coupled to the different piston devices.

The adaptor has to fix the new device to the piston device firmly, not allowing swing, wobble or looseness and ensuring the normal operation of the piston device.

Required functionalities of the new adapter are the following:

  • Optimum stability (no motions of swing, wobble or looseness)
  • Reliability
  • Ease of use (assembly and disassembly)
  • No loose parts if it is possible 
  • Durability and mechanical resistance 
New device, adapter and piston devices 3D models can be downloaded when you join the challenge.

Win 6.000 € in cash PRIZES!

Are you a creative engineer? Do you have product design skills? Read full challenge description