Line Automation Challenge: Manufacturing Optimization (9K€ in Prizes)

line automation challenge

Can you come up with an effective solution for this Manufacturing Line Automation Challenge? Participate now by submitting your solution to this ennomotive challenge and win up to 9,000 EUR in cash prizes.

The Manufacturing line Automation Challenge


This company needs your help with this Line Automation Challenge!

Our client is a company dedicated to the production of sealing systems for the automotive industry. Since productivity is a must-have to stay competitive in the market, they wish to automate some activities in the final operations of their rubber manufacturing process.

End rubber manufacturing consists of cutting the extruded material, perform some quality control, and then welding the ends and final storage.

Are you the creative engineer this company is looking for?

The client is looking for a new solution to reduce the labor cost of the end rubber extrusion line with a reasonable investment in new tooling or equipment:

  • On the first level, they want the automation only of the profiles’ load to the stations with investment below 85 k€.
  • On a second level, they would need the automation of both the profiles’ load and the welding operation (load & unload) in the union molds for the 3 welding stations. The investment should always be below 250 k€.

Download the process description (including pictures of the parts and the equipment, and overall manufacturing area layout with distances), a video (showing the process with 4 and 5 people), and a high-level Gantt chart with the overall activities and timings once you join the challenge.


The winner of this Line Automation Challenge will receive up to 9.000 € in cash PRIZES!

What do you know about automation? Do you have experience with manufacturing optimization? Prove it by submitting your solution for this Line Automation Challenge and win the grand prize!


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