Create Your Summer - Robotics & 3D Printing For Kids [video]

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Last week we visited the technological campus of ICAI to meet with the organizers and kids of Create Your Summer course.

This summer urban camp is based on the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program, originated in 2004 in the Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT) to better prepare middle school students to become future leaders in science and engineering.

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Children with ages ranging between 10 - 16 years old were able to enjoy classes on what they like most: programming, Minecraft, electronics, 3D videogames developing, LEGO, ARDUINO, video & photo editing, 3D printing, engineering, etc. And all this while learning English!

The students were able to develop engineering and programming skills at a very early age. It was shocking to see how they explained the projects to us with such a technical terminology. They knew exactly how to connect the different parts of an electric circuit and the characteristics of every component, some of which people only learn during an engineering university degree.

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In about five days, these kids developed a deep interest in robotics and engineering and some of them decided that they want to be engineers in the future.

Watch this interview with one of the teacher of the LEGO class. Enjoy!

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  These are the engineers of the future, challenging themselves since the beginning! And you? Are you up to our challenges?

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