Tramway Rail Design Challenge (17K€ in Prizes)

Tramway Rail Design Challenge

There is an issue that needs to be solved and this company wants your help!

Our client is a world leader in its industry. As part of its innovation program, it is considering a product lifecycle approach for their products. Consequently, it is conducting some research on new materials and new product designs to improve the installation and maintenance of tramway rail design solutions with the aim of delivering better quality than the competition.

Are you creative enough to tackle this challenge?

Our client is looking for new anchorage solutions that solve the inconvenience of traditional embedded grooved rails.

  • The solution should include the embedded rail and the anchorage system.
  • The rail profile must be in agreement to standard UNE 14811, you must choose one of this list: 60R1 (Ri60-R10, Ri60), 60R2 (Ri60-R13, Ri60N), 55R1 (Ri55NK), 59R1 (Ri59-R10,Ri59N), 59R2 (Ri59-R13,Ri59N), 54R2 (41GPU). See attached file: “Rail profile dimensions table.png”
  • The solution must be an easy installing & replacing system in order to minimize the high cost of this operation.
  • You should consider that during the installation rails are welded so the materials around will need to support high temperatures.

Take into consideration that a technical solution (reduce noise, vibration) as well as a lifecycle solution (easy-to-replace) are expected. Give evidence of the feasibility of your project and try to reduce the estimation costs.

Participate in this tramway rail design challenge and win 17.000 € in prizes !

Want to contribute to a less noise-polluted public transportation network? Do you have the skills to solve this challenge?


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