Video: Meet Stephen Sikorski, 2nd winner of our SMED challenge

Stephen Sikorski, from Brooklyn, NY, is the second winner of our SMED challenge! Watch the video to learn more about him and his experience!

6/16/2016Mario Honrubia

Hackathon, build stuff, have fun

Hackathon is a brainstorming session, organized to solve problems with new perspectives. Meet Fernando, winner of many hackathons, and part of Ennomotive.

6/14/2016Mario Honrubia

Battery Thefts In Remote Telecoms Sites (7K€ in prizes)

Help us to design an innovative solution to prevent battery thefts in remote telecoms sites. Join the challenge and win 7.000 € in prizes!

6/9/2016Mario Honrubia

Artur Czajkowski: The experience of a winner

Artur Czajkowski, winner of the SMED challenge, has shared with us his experience working in collaboration with Ennomotive.

6/2/2016Mario Honrubia

From Formula 1 to vehicles

3 innovations that you have in your vehicle and you did´nt know that came from F1: Carbon fiber monocoqque chassis, turbocharged engine & active suspension.

5/31/2016Mario Honrubia

Meet the winners of our SMED challenge!

Do you remember our first SMED challenge? Meet the winners that have reduced their rubber extrusion line setup time from 36 to 20 minutes.

5/24/2016Mario Honrubia

The TOP 5 Engineering Groups on Facebook

Nowadays readers are only attracted by short & attractive messages, images and videos. Today we introduce you the TOP 5 Engineering Groups on Facebook!

5/19/2016Mario Honrubia

3D Printing in the automotive industry – II

Read another 3D printing sucess story. How Solaxis reduced the weight of their jigs and increased their production speed and flexibility!

5/12/2016Mario Honrubia

3D Printing in the automotive industry

3D printing has made a forceful entry in the automotive industry. Big companies are starting to use it in their processes. Check out their stories!

5/5/2016Mario Honrubia