Artur Czajkowski: The experience of a winner

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Artur Czajkowski: The experience of the SMED challenge winner

Artur Czajkowski, winner of the SMED challenge,  is a Production Manager in Essex Safety Glass LTD at Chelmsford, UK. He decided to take the SMED challenge with Ennomotive and here you can learn about his insights.
"I first read about the challenge on a LinkedIn forum and I thought it could be something where I could use my knowledge and experience instead of wasting my time on the Internet. However, this was not my first SMED project: I had done SMED training and changeover pumping machine before. Although the challenge dealt with rubber extrusion line, which was not my area of expertise, I wanted to confirm all SMED theory in practice. artur Artur Czajkowski
As for my delivery, I checked the entire description and provided video. Surprisingly, it was more challenging than thought it would be. The changeover was performed by four operators but this only added some spice to the competition. I watched a video for each of them and compared them with a Time and Motion study. Then, I watched them again for each position and noted some comments. The picture became clearer and I ran into bigger problems and time mismanagements. After a first draft, it was clear for me that the set goal could be achieved without much effort,  so I started asking myself what would need to happen in order to finish this project, as SMED states, "single minute..." Finally, I checked again, focusing on levelling workload between operators, for which I needed to improve some tool change. The company had to train its team on a specific task to release some time from one operator and give more to the other.image-2016-05-24 (2) I am happy to know that I can apply my knowledge and experience elsewhere. I also think it is a great opportunity for everyone to invest time in a more productive way with the experience you probably get over the years. Ennomotive gave me possibility to work on this project from home for a client in another part of the world. I will definitely join again for more challenges." The Ennomotive Team is delighted to have Artur as part of its engineering network and look forward to working with him again. And all this is about you, about connecting companies and individuals, about facing real challenges and learning by doing, about helping you being an engineer of the future! Do you like Artur´s story? Do you want to contribute and become part of our worldwide engineering community and live experiences like this? Join us and experience with real engineering challenges!