Craft Manufacturing Of Carbon Fiber Tubes

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Help us to design a new solution to craft manufacture epoxy carbon fiber tubes using the wet lay-up technique

UPM Racing is an INSIA-UPM engineering students’ project. Every year, they design and manufacture two formula student vehicles (an electric one and an internal combustion engine one).

It is a student competition between universities with strict standards. Therefore, the production of formula student vehicles,with low economic resources, requires a high level of imagination and implication from the students when designing and producing each part:

  • Simple and economic manufacturing processes are required so that students can produce a high number of parts. In addition, they must produce them with the sufficient efficiency to achieve the best results.
  • Weight is very important when designing the vehicle, so producing parts with resistant and low weight materials is crucial.
  • Actually, carbon fiber tubes are manufactured with the wet lay-up technique, producing the two sides of the tube independently and combining them afterwards. 
upm_racing_2015_2 UPM Racing 2015

So... could you help us solve this challenge?

UPM Racing is looking for a reliable, simple and cheap system for the craft manufacturing of epoxy carbon fiber tubes, using the wet lay-up technique.

Help us and receive recognition through visibility and free tickets for attending  the racing in your continent!

Do you have design skills? Could you help us to find new solutions to craft manufacture epoxy carbon fiber tubes? See full challenge description