Battery Thefts In Remote Telecoms Sites (7K€ in prizes)

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Help us to design a new solution to prevent battery thefts in remote telecoms sites Batteries and electronic equipment are installed in different kind of shelters that may be made in concrete, fiberglass or metal. The strings are arranged on racks, usually installed inside the shelter where air conditioning is present in order to ensure optimal lifetime of batteries. But the use of the actual battery solution presents a series of related problems...
  • Temperature in the site has to be controlled in order to ensure battery lifetime.
  • Batteries are commonly stolen and have to be replaced.
  • Batteries are not usually connected to a remote alarm system so the operator does not know the batteries have been stolen until the next power grid outage occurs.
  • An important part of the limited space available in the shelters has to be dedicated to batteries, reducing space available for technical equipment.ennomotive challenge batteries
So … could you help us solve this challenge? We are looking for creative engineering solutions to prevent battery theft, simple to install and maintain. No restrictions (apart from legal) are indicated to this point and the solution may affect batteries, battery type, battery racks, battery layout, remote alarm systems, site security, hiding and stealth solutions, …). … And win 7.000 € cash  in PRIZES! Are you a creative engineer? Do you have design skills? See full challenge description