How Mormons turned family searching into a crowdsourcing effort

The Mormon Church has joined the genealogy effort, focusing on volunteer work that is coordinated through a crowdsourcing project.

5/14/2015Mario Honrubia

Goldcorp: When crowdsourcing found gold

By 2000, the Goldcorp Challenge was a reality. With a cash prize of 575,000$ dollars, people from all over the world tried to find the gold.

5/12/2015Mario Honrubia

Self-Employment is on the Rise for the past years

With crowdsourcing,self-employed workers can compete with professionals with a full-time job but willing to take part in an exciting innovation tournament.

5/6/2015Mario Honrubia

Top 5 Smart Phone apps for creative innovators

Smart phones changed the way we work and learn. This creates a new scenario where creativity and innovation can be developed in renewed ways.

4/29/2015Mario Honrubia

How the IoT - internet of things will change manufacturing

With the internet of things (IOT), devices enter a new ground where they not only interact with us, but even among themselves.

4/28/2015Mario Honrubia

Eduardo Chocano: Meet the winner of our first innovation tournament

The winning participant of our first innovation tournament is Eduardo Chocano, a full-time employee at a multinational home appliance company.

4/24/2015Mario Honrubia

Why crowdsourcing helps companies avoid "black swans"

The innovation process becomes more open and democratic, enabling problem-solvers to provide new solutions and to develop new opportunities.

4/22/2015Mario Honrubia

Less outsourcing and more crowdsourcing more for business

Traditional outsourcing mechanisms only mean that one or perhaps two firms are going to join together to try and solve your problem.

4/21/2015Mario Honrubia

The best approach to the world of creative self-disruption

The best approach to the world of creative self-disruption is a model of open innovation where solutions are developed in a collaborative way.

4/16/2015Mario Honrubia