How open innovation accelerates change

Companies strive to develop innovative solutions that guarantee their long-term growth and sustainability. By partnering with an open ecosystem of entrepreneurs and professionals, firms are able to amplify the outcome of this strategy, as more players become involved and the change process evolves into a collaborative effort.

How do we get to that point? At Ennomotive, we are developing a vibrant model where companies rely on us to find optimal solutions for their day-to-day industrial engineering challenges. Our network of solvers works as a laboratory of ideas where different projects compete to develop the best opportunities. As we enter an era of increased automation, an open approach like this is pivotal to take advantage of all the transformational changes that companies will experience in the following years.

What we offer to our solvers goes beyond monetary rewards: we also give them a platform where they can earn professional recognition while combining their regular occupation with our exciting opportunities. With our open approach to innovation, they are the leading reason why we are able to provide an entrepreneurial boost to those companies who are looking to accelerate change.

We believe that our flexible model is fully adapted to the complex reality of the modern market economy. Regular consulting is no longer the best alternative because it simply misses out on all the opportunities that arise when innovation is the result of an open competition where many individuals and teams are able to be their own bosses while they develop their solutions.

In a world of dispersed talent, firms need a perfect match for their future challenges and Ennomotive is targeting its effort in this direction, looking to close that gap by opening the doors of innovation in industrial engineering to all of those who can help to build the economy of the future.

The “crowdsourcing revolution” is already on its way. Business giants like Fiat or General Electric are already looking to tap into the potential of open innovation challenges. As these large companies move towards our model, we feel validated and endorsed, which is why we are confident that Ennomotive has the right mission, at the right time.

If you are a talented engineer, don’t miss out on our challenges! By joining us, you will be able to put your skills to the test by competing in open contests where companies let you know about the operational challenges they are facing. What are you waiting for?


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Ennomotive will help you solve your technological challenges. If you have any questions about our open innovation platform, please contact us.

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