4 reasons why you should participate in our engineering challenges

Why you should participate in our engineering challenges

Ennomotive helps bright engineers connect with ‘open minded’ companies which are looking to solve engineering challenges so that they can improve their business and be more sustainable.

Our ‘solvers’ community, i.e. those people who participate in our engineering tournaments, have four main reasons to be part of this process:

1. Cash prizes and job opportunities. Our challenges come with a monetary reward and also open the doors to potential career paths.

2. Experience fun. With our competitions, you have fun while solving problems and displaying your engineering talent.

3. Reputation and recognition. Your CV will certainly look robust if you show employers that you are passionate about engineering.

4. Freedom. Students, entrepreneurs, technicians… We all like to be our own bosses! With our tournaments, you get to be design your own project and carry it forward as you like.

In today’s highly competitive jobs market, Ennomotive brings some fresh air by creating an exciting window of opportunities for talented engineers. What are you waiting for? Join us and you will be able to participate in our innovation challenges!


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