Why “creative monopolies” are good

Under Thiel’s thinking creative monopolies should not be vilified, but glorified. They are good for society and powerful engines to make things better

3/31/2015Mario Honrubia

Join our challenges to improve industrial operations

Do you want to learn more about real engineering challenges? Would you like to connect with top companies that look for help?

3/26/2015Mario Honrubia

Three golden rules for effective innovation

Innovation process is, by nature, slightly chaotic. As the Spanish saying goes, " you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs "

3/26/2015Mario Honrubia

"The imitation game" and "Interstellar" make engineering sexy again

It’s official: engineering is sexy, once again. That is the impression that several people will have after watching some of the best films released in 2014.

3/23/2015Mario Honrubia

How Formula 1 made your car more efficient

Formula 1 is fundamentally about efficiency: how to squeeze performance within the restrictions of physics and the rules.

3/19/2015Mario Honrubia

An open competition of ideas for energy efficiency

By entering an open innovation tournament, engineers are able to explore a wide field of solutions, with no restrictions to their creativity.

3/17/2015Mario Honrubia

Are you a fragile worker or are you part of the crowdsourcing revolution?

For decades now, self-employment has been on the rise. It also comes with a higher degree of independency, freedom and self-determination.

3/12/2015Mario Honrubia

Crowdsourcing: since 1783 (and now better than ever!)

The idea of outsourcing is slowly taking a back seat to the concept of crowdsourcing. Jeff Howe discussed this development...

3/10/2015Mario Honrubia

New challenge! Protecting cars against hail

Protecting Cars Against Hail Challenge: Hard rain or hail often hit the cars and damage the body of the car and pose serious challenges for car storage.

3/6/2015Mario Honrubia