Less outsourcing and more crowdsourcing more for business

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Doing more with less: that simple statement sums up the idea of efficiency, a key driver for company growth. Organizations know it and that is why many firms are starting to look for new ways to make their operations run in a leaner way. The idea of open innovation is pivotal to achieve this, just like experts predicted years ago and just like reality has proven over the last few years. If you think about it, the idea of keeping all your problem-solving efforts in-house makes no sense. When a company is trying to find new opportunities that help develop new products and services, it needs to incorporate the input of innovators who are not part of their firm. Innovation tournaments, like the ones we hold at Ennomotive, bring firms closer to new alternatives because they offer a unique path to innovation. The crowdsourcing revolution helps move firms away from bureaucratic innovation. After all, traditional outsourcing mechanisms only mean that one or perhaps two firms are going to join together to try and solve your problem, as opposed to open innovation, where tens of experts and teams will engage in an exciting competition of ideas where rigidity goes out the window and creativity comes through the door. Such development keeps the original business leaner and more capable of adapting to changes in a competitive and dynamic way. After all, any time you spot a problem or an opportunity that can help your firm move forward, the crowdsourcing solution can channel that approach into real advances that involve a plurality of actors and bring several solutions to the table. Is your company to take a leap forward and open up its innovation process? Talk to us: at Ennomotive we are helping firms improve their industrial operations through crowdsourcing tournaments where talented participants are reinventing industrial engineering. Header photo: Promys.com