How crowdsourcing can reduce fracking environmental impact

The US experienced a significant transformation in its energy sector through hydraulic fracturing. But fracking environmental impact is a challenge

3/3/2015Mario Honrubia

The NFL crowdsourcing is fighting head injuries

NFL crowdsourcing challenge is intended to find solutions as new ways to improve the head health of American Football players

2/25/2015Mario Honrubia

Innovation Tournaments: When Innovation meets Incrementalism

During an interview held at the Wharton Mack Center Conference in 2010, Professor Christian Terwiesch talked about Innovation Tournaments

2/24/2015Mario Honrubia

A startup culture inside a company like Nestle?

Think about the differences between a start-up and a traditional company. Start-ups are small, a little bit wild, while traditional companies are big, struc

2/16/2015Mario Honrubia

5 reasons to use engineering crowdsourcing

Companies that do not reinvent themselves will not survive. Adopting engineering crowdsourcing can be a new way to help you improve your business

2/8/2015Mario Honrubia

Making the first crowdsourced car: Fiat's journey

If you are a car manufacturer and you want to modernize and use novel ideas in the way you develop new vehicles. What if you go for a crowdsourced car?

1/25/2015Mario Honrubia

Audi crowdsourcing to envision the future of manufacturing

Audi crowdsourcing is a great experience on how to get help from the crowd and create a vision for a particular business area

1/22/2015Mario Honrubia

Air France Crowdsourcing Contest

A crowdsourcing campaign for certain projects it will lead to nothing but frustration. Learn from targeted innovation at Air France crowdsourcing contest

1/11/2015Mario Honrubia

5 Rules for Effective Innovation Crowdsourcing

Effective innovation crowdsourcing is about better collaboration, better innovation outcomes and ultimately superior value

1/10/2015Mario Honrubia