Air France Crowdsourcing Contest

A crowdsourcing campaign for certain projects it will lead to nothing but frustration. Learn from targeted innovation at Air France crowdsourcing contest

1/11/2015Mario Honrubia

5 Rules for Effective Innovation Crowdsourcing

Effective innovation crowdsourcing is about better collaboration, better innovation outcomes and ultimately superior value

1/10/2015Mario Honrubia

This Crowdsourcing app wants to turn external solvers into Sherlock Holmes

A great example of what is currently being done in this space is a new Crowdsourcing app called CrowdSolve that is being used to solve crimes


Innovation Crowdsourcing in 2015: Where is it heading?

It's almost 10 years since innovation crowdsourcing, in its current form, is being used by companies to attack R&D challenges, solve a business issue or...

12/30/2014Mario Honrubia

Barilla crowdsourcing a new 3D-Printed Pasta

Barilla Crowdsourcing: Leading Italian pasta maker has pursued many innovative initiatives in the last years. Crowdsourcing was used for 3D printed Pasta.

12/28/2014Mario Honrubia

Innovation Crowdsourcing: Is this a new procurement vehicle?

Procurement has long been one of the areas with the need for radical innovation. Innovation crowdsourcing is being used for this purpose by the Government

12/26/2014Mario Honrubia

Our Picks: Top 10 Business Books of 2014

We are happy to share the business books what we have been enjoying in the areas such as innovation, operations, entrepreneurship or business in general.

12/24/2014Mario Honrubia

Look at how this Dutch company has embraced Innovation Tournaments

Have you heard of Wolters Kluwer and their innovation tournaments? Wolters Kluwer is a global information services and publishing company

12/20/2014Mario Honrubia

The Spanish Man Who Optimized The Titans

Do you know who the person in the photo is? I don't think any of you know him but you will certainly know the titans organisations which he has impacted

12/18/2014Mario Honrubia