Innovation in Manufacturing Engineering: Germans do it Better

Application of novel ideas and manufacturing engineering can help manufacturing processes to flourish and thrive, to perform much better

11/23/2014Mario Honrubia

Social enterprise: Can Facebook at Work actually work?

I guess you have probably come across the news of Facebook trying to get into social enterprise services. One of the biggest time-sucks in the workplace...


Product Innovation: The beauty of predictive experiments by McDonald's and others

If you want to supercharge your product portfolio with a new hit, you have few alternatives: You can hire some product development gurus ...

11/17/2014Mario Honrubia

Why Steve Jobs' default answer was No

People working in the corporate world who are pissed off about their ideas being turned down, might sometimes wonder "Oh, man! If I was working for...


Isaac Newton vs. the crowd: An innovation story

On the contrary with what many innovation professionals might think, crowdsourcing approach to problem solving is not something new

11/11/2014Mario Honrubia

3 Ideas to shape your online personal brand

Almost any professional can complete his/her LinkedIn profile but what is really difficult to do is creating an online personal brand

11/5/2014Mario Honrubia

Getting the most out of social data analysis

There are countless websites and applications which are dedicated to web-based analysis of social data through creating and engaging the crowd

11/3/2014Mario Honrubia

7 Must-Read Crowdsourcing Books

Read these Crowdsourcing Books to understand how to use the power of the crowd for innovation at companies or non-profit organisations

11/1/2014Mario Honrubia

How can entrepreneurs motivate solvers in a crowdsourcing network?

Crowdsourcing is probably one of the best ways to access a global network of talented people and to channel their talent towards a useful cause.

10/29/2014Mario Honrubia