Isaac Newton vs. the crowd: An innovation story

On the contrary with what many innovation professionals might think, crowdsourcing approach to problem solving is not something new

11/11/2014Mario Honrubia

3 Ideas to shape your online personal brand

Almost any professional can complete his/her LinkedIn profile but what is really difficult to do is creating an online personal brand

11/5/2014Mario Honrubia

Getting the most out of social data analysis

There are countless websites and applications which are dedicated to web-based analysis of social data through creating and engaging the crowd

11/3/2014Mario Honrubia

7 Must-Read Crowdsourcing Books

Read these Crowdsourcing Books to understand how to use the power of the crowd for innovation at companies or non-profit organisations

11/1/2014Mario Honrubia

How can entrepreneurs motivate solvers in a crowdsourcing network?

Crowdsourcing is probably one of the best ways to access a global network of talented people and to channel their talent towards a useful cause.

10/29/2014Mario Honrubia

Big Data and Crowdsourcing: Boston Style!

Without a doubt, it is the age of big data and crowdsourcing: Pioneering companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon which popularized the concept...


How 3D printing can improve manufacturing?

Up until only few years ago, 3D printing sounded like a concept straight out of science fiction, but now it’s becoming widespread in manufacturing

10/26/2014Mario Honrubia

Leans Thinking and crowdsourcing: A beautiful cocktail!

By combining crowdsourcing with traditional lean thinking techniques, companies can take improvements to the levels unimaginable with in-house approaches.

10/22/2014Mario Honrubia

Consulting industry will be disrupted: The question is when.

Management consulting’s fundamental business model has not changed in more than 100 years. Will crowdsourcing disrupt the consulting business?

1/1/2014Mario Honrubia