Are you a fragile worker or are you part of the crowdsourcing revolution?

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The Times, They Are a Changing. Bob Dylan said it in the 1960s, which were certainly not a boring era, but this motto still applies nowadays, specially if you are talking the ever-changing world of business. For decades now, self-employment has been on the rise. This entrepreneurial outburst is tied to several factors: higher productivity, increased labor flexibility, enhanced connectivity and, in some cases, lower taxation. At a personal level, it also comes with a higher degree of independency, freedom and self-determination. The complexity of work relationships in the 21st century is here to stay. The idea of having the same nice-to-five, office job during your forty years in the labor market is long gone. It is certainty a time for less certainty but also more opportunity. In this sense, as Nassim Taleb has put it, those professionals who fail to adapt to the new scenario will certainly be more fragile. Also, the acceleration of knowledge and the new waves of innovation need to be met by workers with a fresh approach. No longer are our university studies the only academic background we need: online education and continued training are fundamental in order to update and upgrade our skills. The cost related to falling behind in the knowledge race has never been higher, while the reward for those who stay ahead is now much greater. All this labor market developments pose a significant challenge, yet professionals can find an answer to many of these questions by exploring alternatives such as crowdsourcing. Indeed, open innovation tournaments are perfect for those who have an entrepreneurial mind and want to develop new opportunities. At Ennomotive, we are looking for professionals who are aware of this developments and want to be on the winning side of this change. By connecting solvers with organizations through a specific challenge, we are democratizing the innovation process and bringing it closer to the individual. Join us and participate in our engineering challenges! Don’t miss the chance to be part of the crowdsourcing revolution! Join our engineering community!