Three ways to spark creativity and innovation

Creative breakthroughs are essential for our solvers at Ennomotive. We strive to find solutions that improve industrial operations in an efficient and innovative way. This is why creativity is so important to us: because it can lead to effective changes in the day to day business of different industries.

Here are three keys that might spark your creativity:

1. Play around with ideas! Joke around, imagine unlikely scenarios, hold brainstorming sessions with barely no rules or limitations… What may begin as an absurd or abstract thought may eventually become a real solution.

2. Always look for new inspirations! Observing and learning from change in other fields may give you a hint of what you can do in your area of work. Solutions are all around us: we just have to notice what they can mean to our project.

3. Get off the sofa and do some exercise! As strange as it may sound, extensive research has proven the existence of a solid link between exercise and creativity. Working out will make you more productive because it will improve your confidence and boost your productivity.

Try puting these three keys to innovation at work and you will soon enjoy a creative spark in your upcoming challenges. However, do not forget to implement a hidden rule that hard-working innovators tend to forget: don’t exhaust yourself with extremely long work sessions… It’s important to never forget to get some rest!

Do you want to put your creativity at work and help with processes innovation for leading companies?


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