Eduardo Chocano: Meet the winner of our first innovation tournament

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Our first innovation tournament has successfully come to an end. Known as the “Truck Delivery Challenge”, this crowdsourcing process was looking to fix different logistics problems that were dragging down the competitiveness of a Southern European shipping company. More specifically, the challenge asked participants to find an effective way to anticipate delays in delivery. The winning participant of our first innovation tournament is Eduardo Chocano, a full-time employee at a multinational home appliance company. eduardo chocano Eduardo Chocano
According to Chocano, the intellectual challenge was his biggest motivation to take part in the process. In his mind, “Ennomotive has become a hobby that helps professionals get out of their daily routine while also learning to deal with the latest technological advances”. Three solutions made it to the final phase. A Dutch engineer who works full-time for an electronic firm and an engineering student at a Spanish university (Ángel Isidoro Nieto) joined Chocano in the “top 3” of our first challenge. All of them proposed the design of an app that will notify the company whenever the delivery process fails, thus anticipating late arrivals and developing a unique way to identify the shipment (e.g. Bidi Codes). The winning solution also considered the fact that truck drivers typically come from different countries and therefore face a higher cost whenever they send data through their smartphones. Congratulations to Eduardo, our finalists, and our participants! Ennomotive is only getting started, so stay tuned for new challenges that will keep you coming for more! Premio Recibido