Top 5 Smart Phone apps for creative innovators

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It's no longer a world of programs: it's the planet of apps! Smart phones and tablets are changing the way we work, learn and entertain ourselves, which obviously creates a new scenario where creativity and innovation can be developed in renewed ways. Here are the top 5 apps that will help you along the way:
  • Oflow: known as a "creativity boost", Tanner Christensen put together this app to offer a long series of tips and recommendations that ultimately take our problem-solving efforts into a more innovative and fresh approach.
  • Evernote: it truly is a must have, not only because it works across different devices or because it is so easy to use, but also because, by definition, it truly is a phenomenal tool to enhance your productivity.
  • Clear: we all know that innovative thinking can get out of hand! We may want to figure out how to fix one certain issue but we may end up focusing on how to develop a certain opportunity. This is why a list-keeping app like this one is essential for you.
  • Behance: inspiration is so important for innovation... and that is precisely why a collection like this one can spark your creative thoughts. Browse through hundreds of galleries of highly talented individuals and make sure to also upload your own portfolio!
  • The Brainstormer: described as a "cornucopia of ideas for creative minds", this app involves a collection of regular brain storming lists. With a spin-a-wheel method, it will help you think of new opportunities on-the-go.
How about you? Let us know what apps boost your creativity... and don't forget to sign up for our upcoming innovation tournaments!