New challenge: “Bottle Packaging for Irradiation”

Join our latest challenge: “Bottle Packaging for Irradiation”. Participants will help our client, a leading manufacturer of liquid sterile solutions.

6/2/2015Mario Honrubia

Four future innovation trends: where are we heading?

Paul Schoemaker has published an article at where he identifies four future innovation trends that help companies determine where they are headed.

6/2/2015Mario Honrubia

4 reasons why you should participate in our engineering challenges

This post summaries the key reasons for engineers from all over the world to join Ennomotive, the home of engineering challenges where everybody wins!

5/27/2015Mario Honrubia

How open innovation accelerates change

Innovation is the result of an open competition where many individuals and teams are able to be their own bosses while they develop their solutions.

5/25/2015Mario Honrubia

How 3D printing will shape industrial manufacturing

Are you looking to disrupt industrial manufacturing? Do you want to incorporate 3D printing into real-life projects? Then join Ennomotive and participate!

5/18/2015Mario Honrubia

What Mad Men taught us about crowdsourcing

The advertisement company's elitist approach to talent left little room for promotion and failed to incorporate innovative projects from outside the firm.

5/18/2015Mario Honrubia

How Mormons turned family searching into a crowdsourcing effort

The Mormon Church has joined the genealogy effort, focusing on volunteer work that is coordinated through a crowdsourcing project.

5/14/2015Mario Honrubia

Goldcorp: When crowdsourcing found gold

By 2000, the Goldcorp Challenge was a reality. With a cash prize of 575,000$ dollars, people from all over the world tried to find the gold.

5/12/2015Mario Honrubia

Self-Employment is on the Rise for the past years

With crowdsourcing,self-employed workers can compete with professionals with a full-time job but willing to take part in an exciting innovation tournament.

5/6/2015Mario Honrubia