New challenge: “Bottle Packaging for Irradiation”

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Join our latest challenge: “Bottle Packaging for Irradiation”. Participants will focus on helping our client, a leading manufacturer of liquid sterile solutions. In the medical devices sector, primary packaging is treated with processes such as BETA Irradiation, in order to guarantee sterility. There are three main steps:
  • Plastic bottles are manufactured and packed at supplier facilities,
  • Irradiation is then performed at a third party provider,
  • Finally, empty bottles are filled-up at our client's facilities.
Your mission is to find alternative ways to pack bottles and to reduce the total cost of the sterilisation process. Make sure to bring different ideas, such as new packaging materials, reusable packaging or changing box dimensions! The best solution will be awarded with a 3,000€ prize! To enjoy full access to the challenge, register now and complete your profile at Check out our engineering challenges!