How Mormons turned family searching into a crowdsourcing effort

Mario HonrubiaInnovationInspirations

Have you ever wondered about your ancestors? Throughout history, some family search companies as well as academic experts have specialized in this field, selling their services to those who are looking to know more about our genealogy. The Mormon Church has actually joined the effort, although its take is different because it focuses on volunteer work that is coordinated through a crowdsourcing project. No money reward is actually involved, since FamilySearch Indexing is a non-profit organization. Open data is essential to develop the family books. This is why the project has taken one billion photographic images of historical documents and turned them into digital format. The files have been collected from more than 100 different countries: they include birth or death certificates, marriage licenses, property records, census data... Volunteers are expected to type the data they read from the image and submit their transcription through the project's web platform. This method creates searchable indexes that enable make the entire effort much easier. If you believe that an open approach to change is the way to go, don't forget to sign up with Ennomotive! You will be able to make money and advance your career by participating in exciting crowdsourcing tournaments that focus on industrial engineering challenges!