Determining a ship's longitude through crowdsourcing

Determining latitude was rather easy, yet finding longitude was a complete chaos and navigators had to rely on dead reckoning.

7/18/2015Mario Honrubia

Cloud engineering: Solve this Crowdsourcing Challenge now!

Cloud engineering: This Engineering crowdsourcing challenge works vice-versa. Individuals propose projects and supercomputers do the work.

7/16/2015Mario Honrubia

Packing blocks for pallets: Innovation Challenge (€5.000 in prizes)

Packing blocks: This is a real manufacturing challenge! You can see the packing process in the video that comes attached to the challenge.

7/13/2015Mario Honrubia

Water Recovery System Challenge (€17.000 in prizes)

Water Recovery System: Engineering challenge on lowering costs compared to the cost of water consumption from the network with minimal investment.

7/13/2015Mario Honrubia

Liquid Metal Batteries- Is this the next Green Revolution?

Liquid Metal Batteries are a novel large-scale electricity storage technology and it seems that make these batteries longer lasting and cheaper.

7/13/2015Mario Honrubia

It's very serious! Your son is going to be an Engineer

Are you an Engineer just like me? When have you noticed that you're different? Share your funny Engineering role-model stories from when you were a kid!


The most spectacular examples of wide load transports

Transport or logistic professionals and engineers cannot afford any kind of surprises when dealing with wide load transports. Everything has to be measured.

7/3/2015Mario Honrubia

3D Printing Design: How to Become a designer overnight and for free

3D printing design: All you need to become a 3D printing designer yourself is a digital model of the part that you are willing to produce.

6/30/2015Mario Honrubia

Determining a ship's longitude via crowdsourcing: a 1714 experiment!

Scientists and navigators were already dealing with how to determine a ship's longitude, so the Longitude Act immediately gained attention.

6/22/2015Mario Honrubia