Cloud engineering: Solve this Crowdsourcing Challenge now!

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This Engineering crowdsourcing challenge works vice-versa. Individuals propose projects and supercomputers do the work thanks to cloud engineering. Altair announced this week (14.07.15) a crowd challenge together with Intel and Amazon Web Services, where users are able to submit projects that use High-performance computing in the area of computer-aided engineering (CAE). The multinationals want to demonstrate the power and the benefit of the cloud for complex Engineering or simulation tasks. Individuals can propose projects that have a need for massive calculation, design optimization, or simulation resources to a committee of Altair, AWS, and Intel officials, who chose the best-fitting projects. Once a project gets accepted, this could mean a dream coming true for a small engineering business or start-up. Those participants get unlimited access to software and computing resources as well as to product support for the duration of the program. With a good idea, a small Engineering team could build something really impressive using powerful adjoint solvers or multi-physics simulators (for more info check, and end up presenting their innovative solutions around the world at Altair conferences. "Through collaboration with Altair and Intel, the High-Performance Computing Cloud Challenge marks a significant opportunity for engineers to get hands-on experience with the AWS Cloud and transform their experience with CAE's rich toolset," said Terry Wise, Vice President of Worldwide Partner Ecosystem, Amazon Web Services, Inc. We see this as a great chance for computer-aided/cloud engineering and as a new approach to crowdsourced engineering projects. And of course, we want to encourage Engineers to participate in this challenge. You can do so here. Check out our engineering challenges!