Save Water & Energy at Home: New Technologies and Innovations

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We like to preserve the environment and, after the success of our latest post – tips around energy savings we decided to come back and share with you technologies that might be helpful to save water and energy. So enjoy, earn, and be green!

It is a fact that water and electricity are major utility sources for residential use. And new technologies are leading towards using maximum out of scarce resources and minimizing waste. Some examples are discussed in this article.

Accounting for approximately 30% of residential water consumption, toilets are the main source of water use in the home. The key to cut down this water usage someone should look for the least amount of water/flush. Dual flush toilets are a good example of this.


The biggest mistake we do in our homes is that we flush toilets with water good enough for drinking. In order to avoid this, there are greywater treatment systems available that take the bathroom’s sink water for flushing in your toilet after treatment. One such compact system is shown here which claims to save up to 6000 gallons each year – source



Another water-intensive case is showering which accounts for nearly 17 percent of residential water use. Saving water in the shower affects the luxurious feeling and hence no one wants to do that. What if the restricted flow of water cannot even be recognized? That will be perfect for saving water while still, you feel the same. The showerhead shown in the example claims to saves about 8 gallons of water for every five-minute shower. – source


Washing; clothes or dishes, both add your water bill up. 3D dynamic washing technique used in Wobble technology will reduce the water consumption by 30% in the washing machine as shown in the figure below – source




Further, making use of ultrasonic cleaning technology in the dishwasher, which will be available in the future, it would be able to clean your dishes for a month of continuous operation using just one glass of water – source





We need to consider save water AND energy! How many times did you forget to switch off unused lights and worried later? Motion-sensing light switches with proprietary sensing technology will automatically turn on when you enter and stay alive even when there is no motion. See this example – source


LED bulbs have moved forward with 70% less energy than incandescent lighting with the brightest light possible close resembling the daylight. The lifetime is the life of 30000 hours at 70% brightness – source


How many times you opened the refrigerator door and staring at the contents? How much energy did you waste? A multi-door refrigerator as shown below keeps different types of food in separate compartments saving plenty of energy during each opening. – source



We love caring about the environment at home and at work! Are you an Engineer? What was your best project that helped you save Energy and Water?


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