Save Water & Energy at Home: New Technologies and Innovations

Save energy and water: Water and electricity are major utility sources for residential use. New technologies try to make the most of these scarce resources.

8/13/2015Mario Honrubia

Computer Vision in Manufacturing: Opportunity or Threat?

Computer vision in Manufacturing: This article introduces the power of computer vision to automate manufacturing visual control.

8/10/2015Mario Honrubia

Measure Energy accurately to manage Operations efficiently

This article explains the importance of measure energy accurately to manage and improve the efficiency of industrial processes.

8/4/2015Mario Honrubia

Smart Energy Saving Tips for your Home - Summer and Winter

What is one of your favorite smart energy-saving tips? How do you save energy or increase comfort at home? We want to know, comment down below!

8/3/2015Mario Honrubia

Recover Water Emissions: New Technologies for Water Recovery

Recover water emissions: If steam is condensed out to form condensate, it will not only recover latent heat of vaporization but also ‘water’.

7/30/2015Mario Honrubia

Industrial Energy Savings: Impressive Methods and Technologies

Industrial energy savings: How do you save energy or increase comfort at home? If you're an engineer, what is your best project that helped you save Energy?

7/26/2015Mario Honrubia

Reclaimed ThermoVoltaic: A disruptive Technology for Energy efficiency

If you work in this field and are interested in proving your skills, participate in our latest challenge that addresses an applied case of energy recovery.

7/21/2015Mario Honrubia

Determining a ship's longitude through crowdsourcing

Determining latitude was rather easy, yet finding longitude was a complete chaos and navigators had to rely on dead reckoning.

7/18/2015Mario Honrubia

Cloud engineering: Solve this Crowdsourcing Challenge now!

Cloud engineering: This Engineering crowdsourcing challenge works vice-versa. Individuals propose projects and supercomputers do the work.

7/16/2015Mario Honrubia