The most impressive Industrial Energy savings

It is very important to save Energy at home, but the majority of natural resources are used by the Industry. And practically everything that we use and consume on a daily basis is produced, processed, generated or transported under varying use of energy and raw materials.

If we can make the use of this energy just a little bit smarter, and more efficient it could have a great impact on how we use our earths’ resources. Today I would like to mention and celebrate great examples on how smart engineering solutions in the Industry could help save those resources.

Look! An improvement of 1MW in a continuous process equals to 1.000kW or 1360 horsepower and would represent the energy consumed by approximately 20 compact cars running day and night at full throttle.

data center and cloud

One great example is a project for the Markley Group Data Center. The scope was to improve the overall cooling design and the installation of more efficient equipment, to cool the largest Data storage center in the Boston area. The project cost 400,000$ but was paid of with the energy savings within 8 months. With the 1,832MWh Energy savings our 20 compact cars could run for 1,800 hours. Imagine the CO2 that was saved.


We love energy saving! What is your favorite tip? How do you save energy or increase comfort at home? If you are an Engineer, what was your best project that helped you save most Energy?


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