Car Cooling System Innovation Challenge (10 K € in Prizes)

Car Cooling System Challenge: The current and future challenges of the automotive industry show the limitations of the HVAC system. Participate and win!

11/4/2019Mario Honrubia

Interior Car Lights Innovation Challenge (10 K € in Prizes)

Interior car lights have evolved hand-in-hand with the lighting technologies, and it faces big challenges that come with new and disruptive mobility trends.

11/4/2019Mario Honrubia

Product Traceability Innovation Challenge (10 K € in Prizes)

Product traceability is becoming increasingly important in the control of production processes and Grupo Antolin wants to find a new solution. Participate!

11/4/2019Mario Honrubia

System for Dynamic Electromagnetic Fuel Treatment

The project is a device for electromagnetic fuel treatment for internal combustion engine which can reduce the fuel consumption & decrease harmful emissions

10/16/2019Mario Honrubia

Tech Events You Definitely Cannot Miss in 2019 and 2020

Tech events in 2019 and 2020. Find the best technology and innovation events happening all over the world. Check the dates and get your ticket!

10/8/2019Mario Honrubia

Car Sharing: A New Sustainable Model for Mobility

Goublue is a Spanish startup whose proposal offers an answer to this new mobility paradigm through a car sharing solution for companies, hospitals, etc.

10/3/2019Mario Honrubia

4 Renewable Energy Challenges for Startups (100 K USD for Piloting)

ACCIONA and ennomotive are looking for startups with digital technologies to solve renewable energy challenge in the IMNOVATION program.

9/27/2019Mario Honrubia

3 startup competitions in mining (75,000 USD for Piloting)

ACCIONA and ennomotive have launched 3 startup competitions in mining to help with the safety of workers and reduce the environmental impact.

9/24/2019Mario Honrubia

Are Smart Cities the key to Sustainability?

The ecological footprint of cities is huge and a growing environmental problem. To counter this problem, smart cities appear to be key for sustainability.

9/18/2019Mario Honrubia