Tunnel Energy Recovery Pipe

Tunnel Energy Recovery Pipe: Recovering waste heat from traffic tunnels to feed heat pumps and provide the surrounding buildings with energy.

1/30/2020Mario Honrubia

Electric Car Charger: The need for Control Strategies

Electric car charger: IoT and smart technologies enable a better charging process of the electric vehicle, so better control strategies can be implemented.

1/23/2020Mario Honrubia

Processing Plant Production Scheme

The project Environmental Gravitation offers a new concept and its technological development of an entire processing plant production scheme.

1/21/2020Mario Honrubia

Wireless Telematics & Equipment Management Platform - MachineMax

MachineMax is an equipment management platform that helps understanding utilisation, improving productivity and reducing costs, in a green way possible.

1/15/2020Mario Honrubia

Patented Method for Fiber Alignment

Patented method for fiber alignment, local concentration and production in short fiber reinforced composites. Project by Flavio Fredo.

1/8/2020Mario Honrubia

Innovation Opportunities for Lighting Systems for Car Interiors

The automotive sector and its key subsystems are going through a disruptive phase, and lighting systems for car interiors are not an exception.

12/3/2019Mario Honrubia

Mechanical Concrete: Lateral Confinement for all Stone Aggregates

Mechanical Concrete ® uses thin-walled cylindrical confinement to create a geosynthetic product. Mechanical Concrete ® is patented in the U.S. and Canada.

11/27/2019Mario Honrubia

Autonomous Vehicle Technology: A Glimpse to the Future

In this article, Can Akgün talks about autonomous vehicle technology, the transformation of the automotive industry, and some predictions for the future. 

11/13/2019Mario Honrubia

Car Crash Challenge: How to absorb the mechanical energy 🚘

Car Crash Challenge: Manuel Ortuño, from the ennomotive community, writes about how the automotive industry needs to improve car safety in case of collision 🚘