ICU Ventilators for COVID-19: Design and Manufacturing Challenge

ICU Ventilators to fight COVID-19: Hospitals around the world are in need for ventilators to treat patients with COVID-19. Submit your idea and help them.

3/18/2020Mario Honrubia

The challenge behind manufacturing ventilators to fight COVID 19

šŸ¦  Ventilators COVID-19: Understand the pressing challenges behind the urgent manufacturing of ventilators to fight the COVID-19 global pandemic.

3/17/2020Mario Honrubia

5 Innovations In Plastic Recycling You May Not Know About

Innovations in plastic recycling: from AI sorting to plastic munching bacteria, there is a whole world of ways to end the use of plastic and reduce waste.

3/9/2020Mario Honrubia

How do the Latest Innovations in Window Tinting Work?

In this article, we will feature two of the most recent innovations in window tinting being developed today. Take a look and tell us about new ones!

2/25/2020Mario Honrubia

Road Delineator Maintenance in the I-77 Express Lanes

Road Delineator Maintenance Challenge. Can you come up with a safe solution that technically improves the cleaning and replacement process of delineators?

2/24/2020Mario Honrubia

Cement Manufacturing: Ways to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Cement Manufacturing: The cement manufacturing process generates toxic CO2 emissions that must be cut down to achieve sustainability.

2/11/2020Mario Honrubia

Tunnel Energy Recovery Pipe

Tunnel Energy Recovery Pipe: Recovering waste heat from traffic tunnels to feed heat pumps and provide the surrounding buildings with energy.

1/30/2020Mario Honrubia

Electric Car Charger: The need for Control Strategies

Electric car charger: IoT and smart technologies enable a better charging process of the electric vehicle, so better control strategies can be implemented.

1/23/2020Mario Honrubia

Processing Plant Production Scheme

The project Environmental Gravitation offers a new concept and its technological development of an entire processing plant production scheme.

1/21/2020Mario Honrubia