Innovative Medical Devices: The Future of Healthcare

Innovative medical devices: Frede Jensen, a British engineer with +30 years of experience in the design of medical devices, talks about the future.


Convert biomass to high-value fuel pellets for home use

Convert biomass to high-value fuel pellets for home use or other small scale industrial applications in an economical and applicable method.

7/8/2020Mario Honrubia

Waste to Energy (WTE) and Thermal Renewable sector in the EU

Waste to Energy (WTE). Alessandro Lagazio, one of the winners of the Ferrovial-Cintra Challenge, talks about waste management in this article.

6/30/2020Mario Honrubia

Biomass Conversion Technology Control

A steady increase in worldwide energy demand global gas emissions and economic and industrial development of all countries concerns with energy.

6/26/2020Mario Honrubia

Water Separation and Liquidised Waste Management

The UNIVAT SYSTEM enables the immediate separation to almost ALL waste streams regardless, then ressing the now clear water out, leaving a dry form waste.

6/16/2020Mario Honrubia

6 Types of Masks and their Effectiveness against COVID-19

Types of Masks and their Effectiveness against COVID-19. It is important to develop new masks that are both reusable and effective against the coronavirus


Collaborative Map to track COVID-19 - MapVi

Mapvi is an app based on a collaborative map that shows concentrations of people to prevent COVID-19 contagion by direct contact.

5/26/2020Mario Honrubia

Reusable Face Mask to Protect against COVID-19 Challenge

Reusable Face Mask Challenge: ennomotive is looking for a new reusable face mask for healthcare and industrial workers that protects against the coronavirus

5/12/2020Mario Honrubia

4 Low-Cost Ventilation Systems to treat COVID-19 Patients

Ventilation Systems: ennomotive launched a challenge to find ventilators for COVID-19 patients. Here you can read bout 4 types of low-cost ventilators.

4/14/2020Mario Honrubia