Robomask: An Innovative Mask Against COVID-19 and Pollution

Robomask: Mohammed Ishaq proposes this new reusable and innovative mask against COVID-19 and pollution. Take a look at this project.

9/16/2020Mario Honrubia

UV Air Filter for Ventilators to treat COVID-19 Patients

UV Air filter for ventilators: It filters the tube air from inside and outside. The LED lights work on the sanitizing process through the whole tube.

9/14/2020Mario Honrubia

GOUBLUE Mobility: Solving the Mobility Problems of Today

Goublue Mobility: This startup aims to solve present mobility problems with solutions like an app for carpooling and more innovations to come.

9/3/2020Mario Honrubia

Bio oil from biomass: Applications in agriculture, biofuels, and more

Bio-oil from biomass and applications of bio-oil from biomass in different sectors like agriculture, water filtration, the fine chemicals industry, biofuels


Hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) of biomass material

Hydrothermal Carbonization: The HTC process of biomass material is a sustainable way of repurposing tons of waste every year.


Mechanical Concrete: The Power of Sustainable Confinement

Mechanical Concrete is a confined aggregate concrete. A thin-walled cylinder provides lateral confinement for any type of stone aggregates.

8/14/2020Mario Honrubia

Innovative Medical Devices: The Future of Healthcare

Innovative medical devices: Frede Jensen, a British engineer with +30 years of experience in the design of medical devices, talks about the future.


Convert biomass to high-value fuel pellets for home use

Convert biomass to high-value fuel pellets for home use or other small scale industrial applications in an economical and applicable method.

7/8/2020Mario Honrubia

Waste to Energy (WTE) and Thermal Renewable sector in the EU

Waste to Energy (WTE). Alessandro Lagazio, one of the winners of the Ferrovial-Cintra Challenge, talks about waste management in this article.

6/30/2020Mario Honrubia