3 renewable energy projects in international cooperation

Renewable energy projects in international cooperation to make electricity available everywhere are an excellent way to do so, and this is why NGOs like Ayuda en Acción devote time and effort to this cause. The following is a summary of some of th...


Urban Heat Islands: Effects on Climate Change and Potential Solutions

Urban Heat Islands are a result of urbanization because of changing the open land vegetation into buildings, roads, and other infrastructure.

11/18/2020Mario Honrubia

Drone Control System for Monitoring Structures (12K EUR in Prizes)

Drone Control System for Monitoring Structures. This is a design challenge with 12,000 EUR in Prizes. Submit your solution and win the prize!

10/28/2020Mario Honrubia

Wheels that climb stairs for all kinds of vehicles and devices

Wheels that climb stairs. The project is an internationally patented wheel that becomes a gear capable of climbing stairs.

10/20/2020Mario Honrubia

ConstructionWithoutCrane: A Revolution in the Construction Industry

ConstructionWithoutCrane is a building revolution! Today, high buildings are being built using different technologies depending on the region.

10/7/2020Mario Honrubia

RoboCoffee: A Robotics Café with No Human Intervention

RoboCoffee will be the first robotics café in Chile. 100% robotics assistance, no human intervention. There will be a robotic arm protected with a dome.

9/24/2020Mario Honrubia

Digital Twin as a predictive tool for the industrial sector and product quality

Digital Twin is one of the newly available technological trends in recent years for Industry 4.0. It can be defined as a virtual model.

9/23/2020Mario Honrubia

Robomask: An Innovative Mask Against COVID-19 and Pollution

Robomask: Mohammed Ishaq proposes this new reusable and innovative mask against COVID-19 and pollution. Take a look at this project.

9/16/2020Mario Honrubia

UV Air Filter for Ventilators to treat COVID-19 Patients

UV Air filter for ventilators: It filters the tube air from inside and outside. The LED lights work on the sanitizing process through the whole tube.

9/14/2020Mario Honrubia