Robomask: An Innovative Mask Against COVID-19 and Pollution

Mario Honrubia

We are committed to work and contribute to solving the biggest problem that the world is facing currently, as we want to help reduce the cases of COVID-19. The solution we want to propose is to develop a highly purifying mask that is most effective with the use of UVC LEDs and other special materials that can kill and sterilize the virus: Robomask. This mask protects people from inhaling microscopic virus particles up to 98%, providing ultimate safety from the virus and polluted air. Robomask will positively change lives on a very large scale as there is high awareness about health safety with strict regulations laid down by various governments around the world and Health Administrations like WHO regarding the use of respiratory protective equipment by people. Robomask will help people be safe from this hazardous virus. One of the biggest problems for masks today is that they are not customizable. Another problem is that some masks do not provide high protection & safety from antibacterial and microbes. Also, one environmental problem is that some masks are not reusable, durable, or easy to clean.