Interior Car Lights Innovation Challenge (10 K € in Prizes)

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Interior car lights have evolved hand-in-hand with the use of car interior lighting, which now faces big challenges associated with new and disruptive mobility trends. Can you come up with a complete lighting system with all the possible functions, including design and control/operating technology, that meets the needs of the new types of mobility? Join the challenge (click on the button below), register, and download the complete description of this competition. The deadline for submissions is the 13th of January, 2020. 

Summary of the Interior Car Lights Challenge

New forms of shared mobility, the electric vehicle, the autonomous car, and digitalization come with new needs regarding interior car lights. The challenge is to anticipate these changes by designing new functions, control systems, and lighting technologies that can be integrated into Grupo Antolin products.  Lighting must enable living, working, or relaxing comfortably inside the vehicle. It must also be more personal and customizable, even adaptable depending on the external weather conditions, using different sensors and technologies. Bear in mind that Grupo Antolin already uses LED technologies. However, their sensitivity to heat makes it necessary for you to mind the thermal design, the use of low UV LEDs, and perform stability tests. The company is also aware of OLED and laser lights, whose cost is still too high and are difficult to take to market.

What the client is looking for

Grupo Antolin is looking for new lighting systems that meet the above-mentioned needs while being innovative in the following regards: 
      • Functionality (e.g. a floor light automatically goes on when an object is accidentally dropped)
      • Technology (e.g. a reduction in consumption, manufacturing costs, or other benefits).
      • Design (e.g. redesign current lighting system in headliners, doors, dashboards, trunk to make it better, more attractive, more cost-efficient to manufacture...)
      • Control system (e.g. new facial or sign sensors to turn on the lights, better glare control when driving)
The system must meet most of the requirements mentioned below in the evaluation criteria.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
  • Degree of innovation.
  • Technical feasibility, all factors considered.
  • Integrability, partially or completely, to Grupo Antolin component portfolio.
  • Number of functions, flexibility to be placed inside the vehicle, or in the control strategy.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low cost
  • Estimated life of the lighting system according to its function (e.g. reading light) and the use of the vehicle (e.g. private car, shared vehicle, etc.)


This is a one-round challenge with the following deadlines:
  • 6 weeks + 4 weeks for evaluation

Prizes: 10,000 EUR

First award for the best solution which complies with the evaluation criteria: 8,000 EUR. The second and third best solutions will also receive 1,000 EUR each. Grupo Antolin may be interested in further collaborating with the participants in the development of the proposed solutions. In such case, specific terms would be agreed for ruling such collaboration. Participate in the challenge