Mine Tailings Reprocessing Challenge (15K € in Prizes)

Mine tailings are used to produce glass but they need to be reprocessed to eliminate impurities. Turn this waste into raw materials for the glass industry.

8/27/2019Mario Honrubia

linuxCustomizer - A Platform to Customize your Linux image pipeline

linuxCustomizer is a website that provides a platform for Linux users/companies with the ability to customize and manage their Linux image pipeline.

8/21/2019Mario Honrubia

Analog To Digital Converter For Analog Energy Meters Automation

Imuzeze Usidame wrote this article about an Analog To Digital Converter (ADC) With TDMA Communication For Analog Energy Meters Automation and Conversion.

8/14/2019Mario Honrubia

Recycled materials from Community Solid Waste: Ash in Cement

This project aims to reduce pollution and protect the environment by using recycling materials (ash) in the production of cement.

8/12/2019Mario Honrubia

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Technology: Water Recovery

Leonardo Guzman is an ennomotive winner who wrote this article about Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Technology applied to a chemical plant.


Why Recycling is so Important and How to Improve It

Andrés Alonso Quintanilla, an ennomotive winner, has written a post about the importance of recycling globally and how to improve it.

8/1/2019Mario Honrubia

3D Printing Metal Parts: Lost-Wax Casting or DMLS?

Choosing between Lost-Wax Casting and DMLS for 3D printing metal parts. Pros and cons of using these 3d printing methods and when it is better to use them.

7/18/2019Mario Honrubia

Electric Self-Consumption: Virtual Power Plants (VPP)

Gerdo Dalhuizen is the winner of one ennomotive challenge and he has written this article about electric consumption and virtual power plants (VPP).

7/18/2019Mario Honrubia

Go Green? Yes, but Read this Article first

There is no doubt that both individuals and companies should go green. However, one must be informed about what will actually create an impact.

7/11/2019Mario Honrubia