4 Renewable Energy Challenges for Startups (100 K USD for Piloting)

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If there is a sector with big challenges and opportunities, that is the energy sector. Energy powers everything and is key for cities, mobility, and industry. The biggest challenge today is the transition to renewable energy (solar, wind, hydropower, tidal energy, etc.) that will substitute the dependency on fossil fuels, which generate such an environmental impact that we cannot ignore it anymore. In this sense, ennomotive is supporting ACCIONA in the development of an open innovation program (I’mnovation) in Chile. The goal of this program is the co-creation of solutions with startups, launch new services in Chile and scale them up internationally. ACCIONA is a world-leading company both in sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy generation. This company has 5 business divisions, +7,500 M EUR annual turnover, and +40,000 employees. ACCIONA has been present in Chile for over a decade and has +3,000 professionals that develop large infrastructure, water, industrial, and service projects.

The deadline for participation was the 28th of October 2019, the challenges are already completed.


4 renewables energy challenges have been launched. ACCIONA is looking for startups that provide technological solutions that solve these challenges. The best proposals will be awarded 25,000 USD to build a real-life pilot on site in Chile. Such pilots will be executed in collaboration with Acciona and will go on for a 3 months period.Additionally, once the piloting is over, ACCIONA will consider signing strategic commercial agreements with the startups to scale their solutions both locally and internationally.Startups from all over the world can join and submit their proposals for the different challenges through the I’MNOVATION website until October 28th. The best startups will be invited to compete in the final, which will take place in Santiago de Chile during the week of 25th November.

4 Renewable Energy Challenges for Startups

Management and network stability services through the control of consumption and renewable generation

acciona i'mnovationThe energy transition is moving towards more spread out and decentralized systems, with greater penetration and integration of renewables and storage.Self-consumption, microgrids and the empowerment of the consumer leads to bidirectional systems in which the management of demand has to play a relevant role in the support of the management and control of the energy network.ACCIONA is looking for startups with advanced and smart solutions that enable more efficient network stability by integrating power demand control.How can we control different loads and their demand profiles? How can we intelligently provide network management and stability services? Join this challenge here.

Energy sustainability in temporary, isolated construction works 

acciona i'mnovationThe energy in temporary construction works for building infrastructures in isolated places is supplied by diesel power generators. Also, consumption has a different demand profile that depends on the progress of the works.ACCIONA is looking for startups with efficient and flexible solutions for the portable supply of renewable power in construction sites to reduce or eliminate dependency on diesel. How can we move modular systems and install them quickly? How can we control intermittent renewable generation and consumption on the construction site? Join this challenge here.

Efficiency in operation and maintenance of a CSP and Solar power plant using real-time weather and market data

acciona i'mnovationCerro Dominador is the first CSP (Concentration Solar Power) plant that combines photovoltaic energy with thermosolar energy.This plant is has 10,600 heliostats that concentrate solar energy at a point at the top of a tower or receptor, which is 250m tall. The solar radiation is used to heat up molten salts which generate steam, which feeds the turbine. A system for thermal storage of molten salts enables the constant production of power 24/7.The efficiency of this kind of plants may vary depending on the charging plans, weather conditions and energy sales. For this reason, ACCIONA is looking for startups with digital solutions that optimize the operation and maintenance of a mixed thermosolar power plant.How can we optimise operations, considering the different modes of operation and real-time information? How can we integrate the weather conditions and energy sales with the best scenarios and strategies, according to availability and the operation of the plant? How can we make the charging plans for the center for 24/48 hours more efficient based on the analysis of real data regarding the facility? How can we integrate the different variables and modes of operation in a “Digital Twin” for digital visualisation? Join the challengeSmart and sustainable charging points for electric vehiclesacciona imnovationThe population increase in big urban areas is creating transportation challenges in cities all over the world. The high pollution levels in urban areas makes it necessary for a push on smart, sustainable electric transportation.For this reason, ACCIONA is looking for startups with solutions that help with the development of the charging points of the future. They need to be more sustainable, integrate renewable energy generation and storage, and charge different kinds of electric vehicles. How can we integrate generation and storage into charging points? How can we improve the management of the charging of all kinds of electrical vehicles? How can we add more value, services, and flexibility to electrical transport in cities? Join the challenge here. 

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