Car Cooling System Innovation Challenge (10 K € in Prizes)

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Car Cooling System Challenge: The current and future challenges of the automotive industry show the limitations of the HVAC system. Can you come up with a thermal comfort, pleasant, low energy consumption and cost-efficient system?

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The deadline for submissions is the 13th of January.

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Summary of the Car Cooling System Challenge

For decades, the cooling of car interiors could be controlled through the HVAC (Heat, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning), compressed gas, and airflow.

Although this solution is widespread, the current and future challenges of the automotive industry show the limitations and weaknesses of HVAC system:

         •        The energy consumption is very high, which reduces the vehicle’s autonomy.

         •        One system for every passenger with a limited possibility of real customization.

         •        The cooling airflow may be unpleasant, therefore it is not an element of thermal comfort.

         •        In addition, because of the HVAC, there is an up to 70% increase in polluting gases (NOx and CO) emissions in combustion engines.

What the client is looking for

Grupo Antolin is looking for efficient alternatives to traditional cooling systems (HVAC) for car interiors to minimize energy use and increase the passengers’ comfort.

The new proposed systems should be used either in conjunction with the current HVAC system or independently.

The heating system is not within the scope of this challenge since GA already has solutions for this issue.

The expected solution must comply with as many of the following requirements as possible: Provide a 14-24 ᵒC temperature range, Integrate the solution with the Grupo Antolin parts, Energy-efficient solutions, must be easily adaptable

Evaluation Criteria

The proposed solutions will be evaluated according to the order of importance of the following criteria:

         •        Efficiency: the solutions must comply with the temperature requirements and must be adaptable enough for the environment and the passengers.

         •        Integration: The solutions must be integrated within the Grupo Antolin parts and scalable.

         •        Efficiency: Low energy consumption, always below the current numbers.

         •        Comprehensive solution: different cooling approaches, a combination of technologies in the parts. It may include insulation, control, etc. which complete the system as much as possible.

         •        Cost: cost-efficient and viable solution within the automotive industry.

         •        Durability: the solution must need no maintenance or replacement during the working life of the parts (10 years).


This is a one-round challenge with the following deadlines:

● 6 weeks + 4 weeks for evaluation

Prizes: 10,000 EUR

First award for the best solution which complies with the evaluation criteria: 8,000 EUR.

The second and third best solutions will also receive 1,000 EUR each.

Grupo Antolin may be interested in further collaborating with the participants in the development of the proposed solutions. In such a case, specific terms would be agreed upon for ruling such collaboration.

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