4 Energy Efficiency Approaches for the Industrial Sector

There is still a lot to be done on the industrial sector. To improve energy efficiency of this type of buildings there are four different approaches.

1/12/2017Mario Honrubia

Inspirational Engineer: Emilio De la Jara

Emilio de la Jara is Capta Hydro CEO. He develops turbine systems designed for optimizing the kinetic energy of water that runs throug artificial canals.

1/11/2017Mario Honrubia

How is Arduino Technology used in Automated Vehicles?

Arduino technology is most commonly used in robotics and play a major role in the design and functioning of autonomous vehicles.


Meet the "Carbon Fiber Tubes Challenge" Winners

Congratulations to the UPM Racing Challenge Winners! Fidel Chirtes from Romania and Petar Smiljanic from Serbia crushed this manufacturing competition.

1/4/2017Mario Honrubia

2 Transport Autonomous Robots that Prove the Future is Now

The path of improving our lives also has many applications and plenty of potential for transport autonomous robots, and here are two great examples.

12/22/2016Mario Honrubia

Black Mirror Technology is Completely not Feasible. Or is it?

Black Mirror technology is simultaneously attainable and impossible-seeming. Or is it? Each episode explores the potential pitfalls of technology.

12/20/2016Mario Honrubia

3 In-Home Robots You Won't Be Able to Live Without

Together with the help of digital development, we are starting to see how automation and in-home robots are penetrating activities of our daily life.


Inspirational Engineers: Colin Furze

Colin Furze is a youtuber that has become increasingly famous worldwide thanks to his amazing inventions such as a homemade hoverbike or Wolverine claws.

12/14/2016Mario Honrubia

Autonomous Robot Ferrovial Challenge (3.2K € in prizes)

A small autonomous robot prototype is wanted, using robotic platforms like Arduino to make transportation autonomous in a work-simulated environment

12/14/2016Mario Honrubia