Flying Vehicles will Take Over the Skies in the Near Future

After the wide development of drones in the recent years, it seems that the dream of flying vehicles is closer than ever.

12/1/2016Mario Honrubia

Inspirational Engineers: Jorge Pérez de Leza

Jorge Pérez de Leza is an engineer who was involved in a serious accident that paralized him from the chest down an thus began a new life on a wheelchair.

11/30/2016Mario Honrubia

2 Solutions for Craft Manufacturing of Carbon Fiber Tubes

One of the challenges that have been closed recently at ennomotive is the Craft Manufacturing Carbon Fiber Tubes. Some solvers submitted a few solutions.

11/29/2016Mario Honrubia

Reduce Noise for Golf Trolley (3K€ in prizes)

This company is trying to introduce their own golf trolley to help golf players move around the course. They want to reduce the noise of this vehicle.

11/23/2016Mario Honrubia

2 Industry 4.0 Technologies Taking Over Golf Training

Golf requires a great deal of technique and concentration from the player and intensive golf training. Industry 4.0 has two amazing solutions.

11/22/2016Mario Honrubia

Inspirational Engineers: Marcos Ruperez

Ever since he was 3 years old, Marcos Ruperez wanted to devote his life to technology. His father is an electric engineer and Marcos followed his steps.

11/22/2016Mario Honrubia

3 Forms of Clean Energy Storage You Probably Didn't Know

Years ago this was impossible, but today different kinds of new batteries and ways of clean energy storage are starting to boost.

11/17/2016Mario Honrubia

Inspirational Innovators: Bjarke Ingels

For today's bio, we wanted to share the story of Bjarke Ingels, an innovative Danish architect founder of and creative partner of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG).

11/16/2016Mario Honrubia

MotoStudent: Student Competition on Motorbike Building

“The joy of seeing your motorbike racing after two years of hard work is unspeakable” claims Ignacio Peironcely, participant in this student competition.

11/10/2016Mario Honrubia