2 Transport Autonomous Robots that Prove the Future is Now

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Robotics and automation have been trending for a few years now, and this trend usually has two potential objectives: improving our processes  by making them more efficient and improving our way of living by making it easier. In the path of making our processes more efficient, there are different examples of automation and robotics in our industry. One interesting example in our latest challenge, in which Ferrovial is looking for a small autonomous mobile robot to transport materials around their major works without human intervention, using one of the latest sensors, IOT or artificial vision On the other hand, the path of improving our lives also has many applications and plenty of potential. Last week we showed you in a post some in-home robots that will be widely used in a near future, and there are many new ones continuously arising. Today we want to show you some examples of transport autonomous robots, which have a similar objective as the one in our latest challenge.
  • Travelmate Robotics: Following the way of improving our lifes, Travelmate Robotics has created an autonomous robot suitcase, which can move in both vertical and horizontal positions. It has a battery life of 4 hours when in full autonomous mode, up to 100 hours in standby mode, and omni wheels that allow multi-directional movement. Its internal components and electric engine only account for less than 5% of suitcase volume, where we can also find USB ports to charge any electrical device. With three available sizes, the Travelmate, which will hit stores in July 2017, has many different features. Some of its most important features are a free app and its ability to improve through machine learning. This ML ability comes from the possibility to upload into the app all your movement data and to interact with other Travelmate suitcases, allowing it to give you travel suggestions and airport information for example.
  • SMP Robotics: On the path of improving processes and making them more efficient, SMP Robotics has created an unmanned robot with many different applications such as security and surveillance. With the ability to avoid obstacles automatically, this autonomous robot is able to work under difficult conditions such as temperatures of -20ºC or 45ºC and ramps with more than 30º. What’s more, it can move with a speed of up to 12,9 km/h, having a range of 29 km and 24 hours. These robots use a variety of different technologies, including human detection analytics for security applications. Finally, many different uses for these robots are available, like transportation of bulk materials or water a field by using different types of trailed equipment.
3 As we have seen again, robotic applications are continuously arising, and in a future we will be able to use them for almost everything. Where would you apply it next? Go on and show what you know about this topic by solving one of our challenges! Join us to help leading companies go to the next level