4 Mining Innovations for the Industry 4.0

Due to the global need for raw materials, more mining innovations are being developed for companies to have safer and faster mining procceses.

2/21/2017Mario Honrubia

2 Robotic Arm Companies Making Affordable Tech

Robotic arms are becoming much cheaper, which makes it possible for this technology to penetrate new markets. Here are 2 examples of robotic arm companies.

2/16/2017Mario Honrubia

4 New Techniques in Civil Engineering

Learn about 4 new techniques in Civil Engineering that are improving significantly the construction proccess in this industry.

2/14/2017Mario Honrubia

Anwar Dawadi: Inspirational Engineers

Anwar Dawadi is an offshore Method and structural Engineer with over 13 years experience both at the local and international level.

2/9/2017Mario Honrubia

Energy Efficiency in Buildings: IDOM HQ in Madrid

Energy efficiency in buildings is a sustainable trend that is being implemented at large in the construction world due to its multiple benefits.

2/7/2017Mario Honrubia

Robotics Project for the Automation of Quality Testing (5K € Prize)

For this collaborative robotics project, we look for solutions that can allow the automation of a chip quality testing process, reducing labour costs.

2/2/2017Mario Honrubia

Battery Theft Prevention Challenge: The Winning Solutions

The challenge consisted on findind a feasible and economically reasonable solution battery theft prevention in remote telecom centers.

2/1/2017Mario Honrubia

5 Robotic Innovations For Working Environments

new industries where it is now affordable to introduce robotic innovations are arising. Learn about some industries incorporating robotics recently.

1/26/2017Mario Honrubia

Insulation Project of a Warehouse (9.8K€ in prizes)

Insulation project: The conditioning and thermal optimization of a warehouse in the Central Fish Market in Mercamadrid. Energy-saving is a priority.

1/26/2017Mario Honrubia