Underwater Robots for the Maritime Industry

There is a lot to improve in underwater transportation, where all is done by divers or submarines at a very high cost. Underwater robots solve this problem.

3/16/2017Mario Honrubia

4 Robot Assistants Already Helping in the Hospitality Sector

Have you realized how robot assistants are helping operators solve many kinds of situations in bars, cafes, kitches, even cruises?

3/15/2017Mario Honrubia

The Productivity Project for Tubes Packing (8-12K € in Prizes)

The productivity project we bring to you this time consists on finding a solution that reduces the labor cost at the end of a tube manfacturing line.

3/13/2017Mario Honrubia

Sustainability Projects that Will Change the Future of Solar Energy

Some companies have taken a chance on this opportunity and today we want to present 3 sustainability projects that will be with us very soon.

3/8/2017Mario Honrubia

Design Project for an Industrial Container (6K € in Prizes)

We are looking for an engineer that delivers a design project for an industrial container that stores rubber coming from a extrusion line.

3/3/2017Mario Honrubia

Meet the Ferrovial Robot Challenge Winners: Isaura and Michael

Congratulations to the Ferrovial Robot Challenge winners Isaura and Michael. We want to thank them for participating with such an amazing creation.

3/2/2017Mario Honrubia

4 Railway Engineering Technologies from the Future

Railway engineering technologies are not only improving the way we move nowadays, they are also transforming the way we move around the world.

3/2/2017Mario Honrubia

Robotics Projects Developed in Collab with Uc3m RoboticsLab

Uc3m RoboticsLab is a pioneer in robotics projects in collab with the European Union since the 90’s. Learn about its 3 most innovative projects.

2/23/2017Mario Honrubia

4 Mining Innovations for the Industry 4.0

Due to the global need for raw materials, more mining innovations are being developed for companies to have safer and faster mining procceses.

2/21/2017Mario Honrubia